86% improvement of lost files
56% time efficiency improvement
88% increasing compliance with internal and external regulations
47% increasing the number of documents issued on time and in the correct/right format
60% cost reduction of paper usage, printing costs and storage
Index & Metadata
It is easier and more accurate to describe something, than to remember where it was saved. Everyone knows the content of the document worked, but often suitable for the document to be saved in multiple folders and does not know where to save and where to retrieve it later.
Documenta DMS archiving comply with good practice in working documents according to the following steps : capture ( Scan) - Classify ( Document cataloging ) - EXTRACT ( Metadata extraction ) - VALIDATE ( automatic validation and operators ) - DELIVER ( in reports or data transmission systems ERP)
Advanced Search
Searching and finding files is simple and fast . You can search by file name, client , document type , attributes etc. Documenta DMS even search within documents based on metadata set.
Scan& OCR
Documenta Scan & Fax allows direct integration with scanner solution from top providers like Canon, Xerox, Konica – Minolta, Bosch, Ricoh, Panasonic, HP, Samsung, Brother, EPSON, Avision. This plug-in also preconfigured options into multifunctional displays for document types and workflow actions that are available directly from touch pad to the users
Electronic Registry
E-Registry module helps the organization to respect legal compliance aspects related to document registration inside organization, both documents that are coming into organization and documents that are elaborated by departments.
Template Documents
Working with template documents reduce unnecessary recreating of a file. It is easy to create a template that will automatically fill in information for commonly used documents
Content management
The management of the documents in the web application allows you to create documents from existing templates . Also , this module facilitates the generation of the documents depending on attribute values ​​. Versioning and control access to documents is an integral part of this module.
Procedure & Workflow
Procedures and fluxes of DMS streamlines documentation company's work , from simple requests to update documents until the complex processes of examination and approval
Virtual Folders
Like folders and binders physical, electronic directories involves a way of organizing and managing more difficult files.
One of the characteristic of the Application allows the user to the latest version of a document. It can be seen what was changed, when and by whom.
Reports & BI
Documenta DMS allows programming configured reports that can be transmited on e- mail by a person or group of persons. Any report can be I scheduleed tu run at a specific hour, day or other indicators. They can define reports based on documents , auditing and KPI's.
Personal Agenda
Inside the application it can be created events, meeting and you can set notification send it on e-mail to all the persons involved.
Favorite Folders
he advantage of saving folders, documents and menus accessed using the menu “Favorites " reduce more efficient and significantly the time spent searching for them.
Multiple workpoints
The application can be used anywhere, including mobile phone, regardless of its operating system : iPhone , iPad , Android and Windows Phone. Scan , save and upload documents for approval, regardless of your location or device.
All users can make comments based on a document. It can be used to send message to specified person or just add a personal addendum to that document.
Documenta DMS provides document access rights depending on the type or class of document. They can set rights on specific folders and / or subdirectories
Alerts & Notifications
It can be set to notify users of workflow responsible for each step on the stage of that procedure. Every time the user is mentioned in the application, he receives notification into the application and by e-mail.