86% improvement of lost files
56% time efficiency improvement
88% increasing compliance with internal and external regulations
47% increasing the number of documents issued on time and in the correct/right format
60% cost reduction of paper usage, printing costs and storage
Setting the vision and strategy and culture of a company requires that you make good decisions quickly while you are dealing with daily common process. Documenta DMS helps your organization become the well-oiled machine you know it can be, and take off all financial process.
IT Deparment
You deploy and maintain every bit of technology your company uses. The company relies on you to make it all work. From computer networks to information security to server infrastructure, you keep everyone and everything in your organization running and connected. Documenta DMS automates processes, access permissions and more so you can focus on other important projects
Be responsible of the most important thing in the company and manage the people it’s quite a challenge. Paperwork for you seems to capture all your time from the recruiting process, hiring to integrate to the team. Documenta DMS helps you by automatizing all the process so you can have acces to all the information needed in time.
Daily business operations that you have to do wetheter you’re in Accounting, Accounts Payable or Payroll, you jump through a lot of hoops to keep things running smoothly. From audits to debt restructuring to reporting, managing the day-to-day finances of a business is a tough job
Failure of an audit can be extremely risky and expensive.Keeping the record of all information and documents versions is critical. Documenta DMS keeps the track of all the versions of a document be able to restore it and see all the document history. Keep the track of all the process of workflows, iteration of the predefine forms or other useful documents in the audit process
Reffering to banking, accounting or insurance, you face challenges that range from regulatory compliance to data security and availability. Documenta DMS, helps organizations comply with financial regulations while providing instant access to important documents and information.
From purchasing to logistics to administration you’re responsible for all day-by-day functions of your company, keeping everything running smoothly is a huge task. Documenta DMS puts the "back office" front and center by organizing information and automating business processes.
Whether you’re a law firm or part of a legal department, growing your business requires time. Documenta DMS frees up more hours in the day by automating processes like contract lifecycle management . Because we know who is responsible for every task along the way, notifications are sent automatically.
Your responsibe to make the compay money. Time for you important, finding, sending and elaborate the right document put you close to the next deal.Documenta DMS make sure that you have the information instant, anywhere, anytime.
Working on marketing means creativity and innovative ideas. Sales department is relaing on you to deliver new strategies to improve sales targets. Your last thing is “where is my file?” Documenta DMS keeps track and organized your documents and gives you extra time to focus on your main task.
Processing invoices
Dealing with bills when the monthly number of it goes high means a lot of paperwork, time and resources involved in. Having a automated attributes extraction and sent it on a workflow sounds like is what you need. Reduce human error and reduce your employee time to deal with other process seems to be the right choice for you to make. Documenta DMS it gives you the opportunity to full OCR , OCR Zone Document and Metadate with automated fullfill the values.
No matter your company industry is, contracts are as a type of document a point where all the departments are involve with. Doesn’t matter the type of contract ( provider of client) links departments like legal, commercial, administrative, sales, management and has to be treated with interest and deadlines. Documenta DMS helps with automatized workflows, notifications and alerts as well permitted to be e-sign and timestamp
Documenta DMS keeps the today’s standards in the top priority to ensure that your business is always in compliance with the latest guidelines and regulations.
Documenta DMS helps you to keep projects on budget and on-time by overcoming information that management challenges. It’s very important to keep in line and order departments activity, task and projects. Documenta DMS can make it easy for you and your team to share, secure and collaborate on project-related content