Setting the vision and strategy and culture of a company requires you to take good decisions quickly while you are dealing with daily common process. Documenta DMS helps your organization to become the well-oiled machine you know it can be and to take off all the financial process.


Sometimes it seems impossible to find the necessary document. Questions like “Where was it saved?”  are the most common. Manage your time efficiency and productivity using an application that offer you an answer at any kind of questions regarding company documents in less than one minute.

Good communication is the key to any relationship and business software solutions are not an exception. Documenta DMS fits even with other business systems like CRM, ERP and creates a single point of access to critical information in the company. The entire team can find and use important information regardless of where they are stored.

Documenta DMS provides tools to manage everything on your own, without having to rely on IT department. Want to change the way your company handles leads or want to start entering expense receipts on your Smartphone? Have your business team turn ideas into reality and grow your business faster!

You can view and manage tasks and files from any device using one of the Documenta DMS features:  private drive or mobile app anywhere and anytime.