86% improvement of lost files
56% time efficiency improvement
88% increasing compliance with internal and external regulations
47% increasing the number of documents issued on time and in the correct/right format
60% cost reduction of paper usage, printing costs and storage
Documenta Drive
Documenta Drive is displayed as a partition on your computer. By accessing Documenta Drive user has access to the following folders.
MS Office Integration
Documenta DMS software suite integrates with MS Office: Word, Excel , Power Point, Outlook. The user can create documents from templates, which are filled with the attributes saved directly into web or Drive
Outlook Integration
In order to optimize utilization of Documenta DMS with electronic files, emails and attachments received by the users from different departments Documents exposes Outlook Plug-in feature that allows direct saving of documents from Outlook into Documenta. Users can set the document type and the document is saved automatically into a predefined location for each type of document. Metadata completion directly in Outlook is also available
Email Management
Documents can be sent from Outlook Web application or document Drive, the application also enables the user to send documents directly from the web or document Drive by e -mail. Moreover, a workflow receipt of a document is notified by e –mail.
Documenta Scan&Fax
Document Scan & Fax facilitate submission of application documents received by fax or courier. By configure the settings used and the types of documents by scanning and entering the attributes renamed documents will be sent to the selected folder in the web application.
Documenta OCR
Documenta Scan & Fax allows direct integration with scanner solution from top providers like Canon, Xerox, Konica – Minolta, Bosch, Ricoh, Panasonic, HP, Samsung, Brother, EPSON, Avision. This plug-in also preconfigured options into multifunctional displays for document types and workflow actions that are available directly from touch pad to the use
ERP & CRM Connector
Documenta allows bidirectional integration with other systems like ERPs, CRM and any application that support either: database, web services or http requests. Integration can be implemented using web services, database API or http requests described in this chapter.
Documenta DMS enables the user to generate barcode labels for documents that can stuck on the documents that has to be archived. Finding them is streamlined considerably.
The user has the ability to upload multiple documents in the web application. Documenta DMS is providing the option to sign them electronically using a token. Required settings is made easy in the Connector - DMS Client.
Compliance with technical regulations in the field of digital signature, time-stamps is an attribute of electronic document by digital signature and testifies that the information was a fixed time