86% improvement of lost files
56% time efficiency improvement
88% increasing compliance with internal and external regulations
47% increasing the number of documents issued on time and in the correct/right format
60% cost reduction of paper usage, printing costs and storage
Finance services
Reffering to banking, accounting or insurance , your industry faces challenges that range from regulatory compliance to data security and availability. Documenta DMS, helps organizations comply with financial regulations while providing instant access to important documents and information.
Legal services
The practice of law provides for collecting , storing and analyzing large volumes of documents and information . Dealing with all these situations, issues, contracts, agreements is a challenge . DMS automate document workflows, such as the approval of contracts
Turn your ideas into tangible products ! For the production of industrial machinery and metal chemicals , is of particular importance to ensure high quality and maintaining fast access to information. DMS streamlines document management processes , allowing instant access to the necessary information only to approved persons .
Delivering products requires a lot of planning and documentation. Documenta DMS automates you invoice process and orders from the moment that are received, while while giving you access to all of the information and documentation necessary to run your business smoothly.
The medical industry is one of the largest and rapidly growing areas . From electronic medical records and hospital management practices is very important quick access to information . DMS provides organizations Documenta fast and secure access to documents and important information .
Food and Beverage
Dealing with food and beverage is going on stopwatch. Time is very important as well with safe production and distribution. It’s very important to respect reglementation while dealing with paperwork and procedures. Documenta DMS automates process like: audits, certificates, purchasem contracts, invoices and keeps everything in one place.
This field involves production and distribution of safe food worldwide. Quality regulations require detailed plans and procedures . DMS automates document processes operational standardization , audit certificates of analysis and procurement orders and keep all the information in one place .
From the distribution of electricity , gas or water to ensure communications standard quality and immediate access to important documents are critical. Documenta DMS helps companies comply with regulations and provides instant access to important information documents .
Oil & Gas
Your industry is incontinous change and rely on the news technologies to remain competitive and fulfill all the normative in order to remain competitive. You must have control over all the documents and infromationts, Documenta DMS helps your organization comply energy regulations while providing instant access to important documents and information.
Conceptualization , design and construction requires planning and documentation. DMS Documenta saves one version of each document updated the organization. Finding and accessing documents , plans or proposals is much Streamlined .
Educational domain is responsible for developing intellectual capital worldwide. It is difficult for increased attention to educating students for so long CANDESTI necessary for managing documents and processes. DMS automates document processes admission , financing siinregistrare , saving time for students and faculty .
ONG & Associations
Whatever the activity , it is necessary to manage a large volume of documents and information . Documenta DMS helps organizations comply with regulations , while maintaining fast access to documents and important information secure .