Practicing law requires collecting, storing and analyzing huge volumes of documents and information. Dealing with all of those cases, matters, contracts and agreements is challenging. Documenta DMS automates business processes like contract approval workflows, links between files and is providing instant access to all of the information you need.


Electronically stored information is worthless if it’s not managed effectively. Documenta DMS will help legal firm by store information correct and effectively. Documenta helps legal firms tackle all five eDiscovery task categories: Plan, Preserve, Prepare, Review and Share.

It’s easy to manage cases, matters and related documentation when everything is in one place. Legal documents, contracts and billing information are all manage directly in Documenta DMS. You can share certain documents and information directly with clients while keeping sensitive information secure and private.

Keeping track of documents takes time. Documenta DMS reduce the work volume and give you free more hours through an automatic process of workflow and by sending alerts and notifications to who is responsible for every task along the way.

Communication is the key to any relationship and your business software is no exception. Documenta DMS is fits perfect with your other system so you can find what you want. Documenta can integrate with existing CRM, ERP, and other IT sistems so that every biy of information you need is in one place.