Designing and building need a lot of plans, approvals, and documentation. Documenta DMS keep track of every file and document that you need, every version of it and make it available for you any time and anywhere. Finding one document that is related to one project becomes instant. 


Using automates day-to-day process it become one of the most important aspects for any company. Using an automate workflow make it easy and faster than any other process. Use it for operational workflows to keep track of all the technical specifications, designs, orders, contract, payments or even AutoCAD files. With Documenta DMS, means you can ensure consistency while Documenta  verifies that every step in your business process is followed.

Sometimes it seems impossible to find the necessary document. Question like “where was saved?” it’s the most common. Manage your time efficiency and productivity using a application that offer you answer at that question in less than one minute.

You can view and manage task and files from any devices using one of the Documenta DMS feautures:  private drive, mobile app anywhere and anytimes.

Sharing information by using Documenta DMS is fast and easy. Does’t metter if you want to send it or collaborate with a colleague, sharing information in Documenta it’s simple. Use the internal chat link to a document or send it as an attachament to another person will save you time.