Invoice Processing

Dealing with bills when the monthly number of it goes high means a lot of paperwork, time and resources involved in. Having a automated attributes extraction and sent it on a workflow sounds like is what you need. Reduce human error and reduce your employee time to deal with other process seems to be the right choice for you to make. Documenta DMS it gives you the opportunity to full OCR, OCR Zone Document and Metadate with automated fullfill the values. 


Documenta DMS allows bulk processing of scanned documents with automatic recognition of text documents. Text found is indexed by oracle and CLOB and easily used after that to search and retrival of documents. 

Documenta OCR Engine enables scanned documents defining the areas in which to extract the text found. OCR software has the advantage that the time required for text recognition is lower because the document is processed for smaller area than in FULL-OCR.  According to documents that will scan their format and layout of text on each page.

Each type of document is characterized by certain metadata – dependind of the information required and necessary to extract raports like Supply, Series, Number, Value,  Documenta OCR Engine can be configured to automatically extract text from scanned invoices, to parse text and automatically fill metadata values. Reduce time and human error by leaving this task to Documenta DMS.

Invoices are devided by their type (clients and provider). When it comes to provider their value can be one of the important criteria for approval. Documenta DMS helps you organize all the workflows needed and automated the process of recognition the value and send it on the right workflow.