Healthcare is one of the most growing industries. Starting with electronic medical records to hospital and practice administration, ensuring quick access to the information you need is important. Documenta DMS provides organizations with fast and secure access to important documents and information.


Electronic health/medical records are replacing paper medical records, transforming healthcare by promising instant access to current, accurate patient information. Documenta DMS makes managing health information and electronic health/medical, always up-to-date copy of every fileproviding security and confidentiality.

One of the most important aspect when it comes to heltcare is confidentiality, Documenta is protecting all your information while is making than accessible for the people in your company. Using acces rights you can ensure the data security but in the same time maintaining accessibility for everyone. 

You have to be complying with regulations and laws, failure make it very expensive and risky. Documenta DMS it helps you stay compliant with the gouverment mandates, it keeps track of every action that happened and reduces the risk of unauthorized acess.

You can view and manage task and files from any devices using one of the Documenta DMS feautures: private drive, mobile app anywhere and anytimes.