Documenta DMS helps you to keep projects on budget and on-time by overcoming information that management challenges. It’s very important to keep in line and order departments activity, task and projects. Documenta DMS can make it  easy for you and your team to share, secure and collaborate on project-related content.


Using Documenta DMS you can organize project by work areas by allocate time and resources to work on it.  You can receive reports, alerts and notification so that the project does not exceed his allocated time and budget. Increase your business agility through efficient allocation and management of human resources.

Documenta DMS provides instant access to information and documents used in the project both between team leader and team work as well between and management and departments. Access to project status, stages, and problems encountered until the completion of the project and its final resolution. 

In most projects there are sensitive or confidential information, it is important not be exposed to the entire organization. With Documenta DMS you can preserve the document confidentiality of documents or fields within documents.

We are in constant motion and development. Access to information and company performance have become an imminent need. Documenta DMS provides constant access to information about the status of projects, reports and indicators of performs.