Departament IT 

You deploy and maintain every bit of technology your company uses. The company relies on you to make it all work. From computer networks for information security to server infrastructure, you keep everyone and everything in your organization running and connected. Documenta DMS automates processes, access permissions and much more so you can focus on other important projects.


 It’s your choice if you what to use your infrastructure and servers for Documenta DMS or experience SaaS. See all your option.

The biggest challenge of deploying a new system is getting everyone to use it. With Documenta, user adoption is never a problem because it conforms to how you work. Manage documents, information and processes without having to consult a user manual. It's intuitive, accessible from all of the programs you use and it just works.

Your time is precious. The last thing you need to worry about is managing tasks that can be handled by others in the organization. Documenta DMS reduces the demands for IT involvement by enabling those closest to the business need to easily configure the system to meet their requirements.

Failure to comply with regulations is expensive and risky. It’s our job to keep your business compliant with all reglementation. Documenta DMS is organizing your files, recording and automating everything in your business and reduce the risk of unsatisfactory audits.